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From the age of 15, Tommy Zen has been experimenting: chemistry, form, cooking, finish, colours, techniques, a variety of terracottas. He studies the origins of ceramics and revisits classical forms.

During the process, he integrates metal leaf in his pieces, which he covers with oil pigments. His finishes distinguish him as well as his forms.

Tommy Zen loves outsize forms.

The pieces he turns are ever larger and taller. With lathes fashioned for his needs, he perfects the purity of the line. Then he breaks it with “Colombinis” and later deconstructs it with “Sculptées.” The artist perfects the line to a minimalist black and grey patina. Then the sculpture becomes a tree and the plate an iris. He always searches for the emotion to be expressed.

Each piece created by Tommy Zen becomes part of his universe, like a planet in orbit. Even as it moves away in time, it always remains linked to the artist through the intimacy he establishes with the terracotta piece he fashions.



Tommy Zen has been painting for thirty years. And yet he completed his first painting in March 2006. Freed of three-dimensional constraints, he explores large forms. He integrates the use of metal leaf, oil pigment and varnish.

Rather abstract, his paintings develop through large and expressive gestures. More than ever, the artist is pursuing his research of iridescent light, different depths of focus, and textures.

Through his pictorial universe, Tommy Zen establishes a bond of deep intimacy and spirituality with us. He touches pure, at times even raw emotion. He remains close to nature thanks to his organic and plant life subjects. The four natural elements are never far away. His two media remain interconnected, enriching one another.